Warehouses on the territory
The company has 34 decares open and 2.5 00 sq. m. closed warehouse area in the island part of Varna, built according to all EU requirements and standarts,located near the Varna - Bourgas highway toward Istanbul qjust  800 m from the entrance of  cargo port of Varna East. Warehouses are guarded by armed security 24 hours and the whole territory of the company is under constant video surveillance.
The warehouse base allows direct access to TIR and the placement of all types of cargo. The company has a temporary and common customs warehouse, indoor and outdoor warehouse and a separate warehouse of 250 sq.m. with a license for storing food products. The hygiene and the maintenance of the warehouses are without compromise.
TTZ AD has a separate ramp for unloading specialized cargo and with maximum comfort for carrying out maneuvers for any kind of machinery.
The unloading is done with its own forklifts and the site is built at the level of a container terminal with the possibility of unloading of any type and volume of cargo without limitation.
In the last 2 years marina facilities are under development,including gas station for small vesels and yachts .