Project Description

Market development services offered directly by the company depend on the development of the trade in the country. In the recent years, there has been a slow, but steady growth. The factors that would encourage trade in the region of Varna include the restoration of commercial contacts with the countries of the former Soviet Union, the formation of new consumer markets in the country, the entry of foreign investment in trade, in particular, transit trade, and the formation of stable commodity routes along the corridor Europe - Central Asia. (TRACECA). The countrys accession to the EU has raised a number of positive changes like the displacement of the EU border on the Black Sea coast. In conclusion, the upward trend in the volume of cargo passing through the city of Varna, increased the premium services related to transport and logistics handling of goods.

Use of the customs warehousing procedure has a stimulating effect and also allows development of small and medium businesses to defer payment of any customs and tax burdens until the realization of the commodity in the country. Commercial organization gets the opportunity to synchronize the actual realization of the product with the deadline for payment of the customs duties and VAT. This feature is especially comforting when it comes to goods which do not have the Euro-certificates for which these cost components are relatively important.

Varna is a traditional port city that has the necessary transport infrastructure for meeting the freight flows associated with major transport corridors. World experience proves that the supply of a wide range of options is necessary for the activation of freight. According to the customs legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria performing operations with imported and unaccustomed goods, together with their storage in a bonded warehouse, moving from one point to another in the territory of Bulgaria or in any place in EU borders and processing them under customs control, shall be allowed only after the provision of security in favor of the customs authorities.

The main objective of the company is complete all of the stages of the Tranzit Zone Varna business project which evaluation is 50 million euro. The project includes the following stages:
1. The creation of basic infrastructure (including utilities and roads), building of warehouse facilities and administrative buildings.
2. The creation of a yacht marine port with related services, such as yacht maintenance and repair, open dock services, a gas station, and the production of various kinds of sail equipment.
3. Establishment of the 2nd phase of the warehouse area for a specialized cargo.
4. Construction of the 1st terminal for multiple cargo loading.
5. Terminal for processing of cereals and grain fodders.


The lot is situated in the Western industrial region of Varna in an area known as The Island. The territory of the lot is of 103 000 sq.m. with a direct outlet, along its whole length, to the Lake Channel. The boundaries of the lot are as follows: to the East - the protective zone of the Asparukhov Bridge, to the South - a Lake channel, to the West - the Varna Lake, to the North - a secondary asphalt road. The lot is very well transport bound by road, railway and a good possibility for constructing an approach to the sea.

Due to the high grade of the set up engineering and communication infrastructure of the Island, as a positive factor, and some limitations ensuing from the geological characteristics of the terrain, as a negative factor, the territory of the Island is most suitable for developing of warehousing activities in light construction middle-height buildings.