Trade relations
The company occupies a stable position in the city and has permanent clients, including importing companies as well as forwarding companies: Discordia EOOD, Transportno-Speditsionka Kantora OOD, Despred AD, Unimasters Logistics, Bul Union EOOD, Beta Level EOOD - dealer of KIA- Motors, Avangard AD - Mercedes dealer, Seikom AD, Ival Investments Ltd, Emir Ltd., Perana Ltd., Kafina EOOD, Bry Varna OOD, Pesto EOOD, Phoenix Trans Ltd, Corsar OOD and other customers.

Transit Trade Zone JSC has established good business contacts with duty-free zones in Turkey and in particular with a duty-free zone at Istanbul Airport, Aqaba Free Zone in the Kingdom of Jordan, the duty-free zone Pirot, Serbia and actively works with the free duty zones in the country.