Services and prices
TTZ Varna currently offers the following services:
1. Customs warehousing including warehousing of all kinds of excisable goods, as well as other unlimited goods -the amount of customs guarantee is up to 2 million eu. 2. Ensure custom transit activities - a guarantee up to 300 000 eu.
3. Rental storage area - outdoor and indoor / customs and free / warehouse - a total area of 2000 sq.m warehouse / stores are owned by individual shareholders / long-term and short-term, renting a warehouse together with an office space in the administrative building area.
4. Warehousing of small boats with the ability for developing all kinds of maintenance activities.
5. Forwarding contracts to free zones in Istanbul, Pirot, Aqaba - Jordan-based on contracts with competitive prices.
6. Investment opportunities within the area of open and unused land.
Company territory covers an area of 104 acres in the South Industrial area bounded on the south by waterway № 1 (Sea-Lake) west of Varna lake, on the north service road. At present, the range of services offered by the company is considerably wider. Along the main activities of TTZ Varna - customs and temporary storage, numerous services are added: loading and unloading operations; customs brokerage and agency services, provision of transit operations, forwarding, inward processing, processing under customs control, and more. Due to their large base of approximately 35 acres open area and 2250 m2 covered warehouses, as well as the applicable security for temporary storage of goods and application of the system warehousing, the company has a significant advantage in terms of facilities, location, and absolute financial stability compared to other companies with similar activities.
Services at competitive prices are offered to Varna and the rest of the country. The advantages offered by the company services are comprehensive customer service, a range of services related to the import and export activity of companies, and most of all, the presence of large vacant warehouse space which gives the opportunity to serve a significant freight.
At the moment, the company attracts customers such as British American Tobacco, Happaq Lloyd, Maersk, Unimasters Logistics Limited Varna, Petro Gulf Limited United Emirates, Globe Link Singapore, NTZ and many others. The company occupies a strong position with regular customers, among which there are importers and shipping companies like Discord Ltd, Freight Forwarding Office Ltd. DESPRED, Bull Union Ltd., measurer Group Ltd., Beta Level Ltd. - dealer Kia-Motors , Avangard AD - dealer Mercedes , Ival Investments Ltd., Emir Ltd., feathers Ltd., Brillux BG , Kafi Ltd. Bree Varna Ltd.

Ensure duties

General guarantee to cover transit operations

Customs agency

outdoor storage

covered warehouse

Storage of excisable goods

Handling with forklift

Manual handling

legal services

accounting services

consultation of foreign investors

forwarding transport services incl. door to door services

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