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Presentation of Transit Trade Zone PLC – Varna, Bulgaria.

Transit Trade Zone was registered on June 1st, 2001 by the Varna District Court, as a joint stock company with registered capital of 1 million leva ( equal tom 500 000 euro ) which was divided between the state and private shareholders. The main shareholder is the State holding 46% of the capital, together with other major shareholders as the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce, Despred PLC – Sofia , Building and technical fleet Varna and the technical fleet Ltd. - Varna ,Genkom Ltd. and few others .The rest of the shareholders own the remaining shares which are less than 5%.

The main activity of Transit Trade Zone PLC is loading, unloading, reloading and transport processing of unaccustomed goods which are imported with the purpose of export; storage of imported goods unaccustomed of foreign and Bulgarian companies for export; processing of unaccustomed exports - grading, marking, packing, packaging, labeling and other activities related to the storage of goods; commercial representation ; Freight-forwarding international transport - handling of containers and cargo, loads in combined rail, sea and road traffic; financial activities, parking, repairs, maintenance and fueling lubricants of vehicles and machines; implementation of leasing activities, warehouse sales supervisor services through specialized organizations; arranging container depot; activities related to customer service and staff area.

Transit Trade Zone PLC is in charge of warehousing and custom clearance as well. In October 2002, the company was authorized to open and operate a type A custom warehouse and to use the warehousing mode. Since then the company has started its activities and has positioned itself as a market operator of tax warehouses. A permit for detection and management of temporary storage was issued for Transit Trade Zone in 2003. The company has a permit that allows it to use the simplified procedure for the provision of transit activities with total bank guarantee issued by Customs HQ - Sofia.

By definition of customs legislation in the Republic of Bulgaria the customs warehousing belongs to suspensive procedures and allows imported goods to be placed in storage for an indefinite period in state licensed bonded warehouse. without payment of customs duties owed. For placing goods under such a regime requires a security deposit or bank guarantee in the amount of 15% of import duties. Using the customs warehousing procedure allows the importing company working to save resources by postponing the introduction of customs duties until the realization of the commodity in the country. CUSTOMS authorities allow the use of bonded warehouses for processing of foreign goods under customs control and processing of such under inward processing. Goods may be subject and the so-called. normal operations by type and method of application are defined in the legislation.

Pending the customs, goods presented to customs have the status of goods in temporary storage. Temporarily stored goods can stay only at places and under conditions laid down by the customs authorities - temporary warehouses. They are entitled to require the person holding the goods to secure the payment of any duties, taxes, fees, etc. Ie customs debt which could arise in the future at a rate of 15 per cent of the duties of stored in the temporary storage of goods. Temporarily stored goods can not be subject to treatment other than those designed to ensure their preservation in an unaltered state without modifying their appearance or technical characteristics. The deadline for the depository of goods in temporary storage is limited.

Transit Trade Zone AD is registered with activity:
Storage, transport and logistic processing of goods for import / export
Commercial representation, brokerage and agency
Container handling and cargo combined railway, marine and automotive communication.

The company has 34 open acres and 2.25 acres covered storage area in the island of Varna, according to all EU requirements, close to the motorway and next to the port of Varna and railway station - Varna. The warehouses are guarded by armed guards, security 24 hours and constant video surveillance.

TTZ JSC has a license issued by the customs authorities of Bulgaria, the management of a customs warehouse type A and temporary storage. Accepts goods for storage under the customs and temporary storage and processing under inward processing and processing under customs control. The company offers more free storage space, as well as containers for storage.

For the convenience of its customers TTZ JSC offers:
Loading and Unloading Services
Customs clearance of import, export and transit shipments
Preparation of all types of transport and customs documents
Ability to use bank guarantees to secure the company's claims for stored goods (to 1.1 million lev), total guarantee to cover transit operations (up to 120 000 lev) that can be activated from the whole territory of Bulgaria.
Marina together with Els AD


TTZ Varna is one of the major customs and logistic operators in the area of northern-eastern Bulgaria with a great perspective for development in the area of multiple cargo services. Using the benefits of the port location and the affordable logistic access to the territory where the company is operating, TTZ Varna provides various opportunities for the increase of the main activity of the company with the final goal of completing all of the five stages of the project.