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Varna is situated in the northeastern part of the Republic of Bulgaria of 3 820 km² comprising 3,44% of the territory of the country. It consists of 12 municipalities with 158 settlements and population of 445 200 (comprising 5,4 % of the population of the country). The population is concentrated in the town of Varna-346 000 inhabitants, which comprises 70% of the total population in the district.
- The economy of the district of Varna is well represented on a national level amounting to 5,4% of the GNP.
- The coefficient of economic activity is above the average for the country (46,68 %). The district is in a leading position in respect of rate of adaptation to the new economic conditions, following Sofia-city, Burgas and Plovdiv districts. The private share in the economy is above 50%, while the most considerable share is in the processing industry. The district ranks third in the country for the index "received foreign investments distributed throughout the districts per capita". The economic profile of the district of Varna is characterized by the following share proportions: industry 40%; transport 25%; tourism 10%; trade 15% and construction 10%. The main sectors characterizing the structure of the economy are as follows: harbor activities, seafaring, ship-repairing, tourism, , chemical industry, machinery construction, textile industry, food processing industry, furniture production, building and agriculture.
- The economic activities are concentrated in the region of Varna-Devnya and are of relative share of 85% of the total one for the region. Chemical production, shipbuilding, ship equipment, the production of : diesel engines, medical and household equipment, textile, food processing enterprises have been concentrated in the region.
- Among the biggest, leading in the region companies are Bulgarian Maritime Company - owner of tankers, container carriers, mass and general cargo carriers, ferries of a total tonnage 1 810 000 DWT. It provides 30% of the district income. It is the biggest Bulgarian shipping company and National carrier. It effects 20% of the export of the country. It services lines and destinations all over the world. The Varna shipyard during its 90 year history has built more than 800 ships for ship owners from 26 countries. The ship repairing company "Odessos" is the largest and the best equipped plant in Bulgaria doing dry docking of ships up to 35 000 DWT and floating dock repairs of ships up to 150 000 DWT.

The most significant factors determining the geo-strategic position of the district are as follows: the Varna Harbor; the international Varna Airport, the transport and telecommunication net.

The harbor of Varna is directly linked to Russia, Georgia, and the Ukraine by means of a ferry-boat and Ro-Ro connection, and through the railway line Russe-Varna with the Trans-European corridor "The Rein-Main- Danube" with Central and Western Europe.For the Varna Harbor a General plan has been worked out, permitting investments in building a container, Ro-Ro and grain terminal. In the process of building are terminals for liquid chemical loads and clinker and cement. The trade and the harbor activities are export oriented primarily towards countries of the Union of the Independent States, the Middle East and South Africa.

The international Varna Airport services almost entirely the tourist flow, effects contacts with 35 countries and 101 cities all over the world. A MASTER PLAN, that defines the enlargement of its infrastructure and meeting the international flight safety norms is imminent. The region of Varna is the one with the most developed telecommunications net in Bulgaria. The above annotation clearly shows that with its geo-strategic position, economic, transport and communication potential makes the " Transit Trade Zone" Varna an attractive business partner for companies and entrepreneurs from all over the world.


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